Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Wearning a Scarf

I must have inherited my love of scarves from my French father (my mother is British). Pictured above is a of a photo of them, and my mother looking effortless elegant, despite having a newborn (me!).
As a working wife and mother of two busy boys my outfits need to be faire simple (“keep it simple”). Wearing a scarf is effortless, a last minute addition. One of my favorite ways to wear a scarf is to string it through my pants loops and tie it in a square knot or bow. Each of my scarves tells a story, and this William Morris scarf is from one of my close friends (and former bridesmaid oh so long ago), who bought it a the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
I also like to tie one on a purse, especially during the holidays, to add color to an outfit.

To store my silk scarves I bought this inexpensive holder from Organized Living and keep it in my closet.
This basic fold, from an old copy of How to Wear Your Hermès (French pronunciation [ɛʀ.mɛs]Scarf is essential.

And for some lovely, simple directions on how to wear a scarf, be sure to check out Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don't Get Fat, at this Borders Books Club video (play #9). There you’ll learn my favorite way to wear any scarf during the winter.

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Marie said...

I've just started wearing scarves, now I know how to fold them. Thanks!