Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day - Sunday Scribblins "Left and Right"

These are some of the cards, poems and posters some students from my class, and others from my school, made for one of our local VFW halls, a project we've done for the past five years. Some of the projects are used to decorate the fireplace at the hall, some go home with Veterans, and many they deliver to some Veterans at the city Veteran's hospital. Dropping off the cards each November helps me to put some of my gratitude into action. My father served in Korea driving a duck boat, and my brother in the Middle East on an aircraft carrier. It's a good feeling to know that my family has contributed to our country's greater good, and I think it makes my students feel good to reach out to people who have served.
To me, whether your political leanings are left or right, it's important to believe in the sacredness of individual life; to support our troops and the people of which ever contry we're fighting for or against. I smiled ear-to-ear when I saw a bumper sticker that read, "God loves everyone. No exceptions."
My class wrote acrostic poems with words like Veteran, Freedom, Remember and American. We also studied the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and read the poem The Vigil. I love it when I feel like I'm learning as much as they are.
The Vigil
In measured steps he makes his rounds,
The click of heels the only sounds.
He stands erect, so straight and tall,
With pride and dedication responds to the call.
With deep affection his vigil keeps
Over those who forever sleep.
He responds not to the visitor's stare,
Maintaining his vigil as in in silent prayer.
In the morning's twilight hours,
His watch becomes like cathedral towers
Reaching from Earth to Heaven above,
A lasting tribute to one man's love.
As time and seasons come and go
His vigil remains for all to know
That beneath the sacred Arlington sod
Lies three buddies known but to God.


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I know how important it is to my daughter to honour veterans through her middle school activities ... as you said, no matter your politics, it is important to recognize the amazing contributions that individual men and women have made for their country. Peace, JP/deb

Just Jen said...

Very fitting for Remembrance day. I didn't know the states awknowledged remembrance day the same time we did (canada) I hope everything turned out well for your brother and dad and tell them from me, (even though they don't know me) I say thanks to them for the freedom my family has today!
I also did a remembrance day post on sunday, the people I know that have fought are long gone from my life. I still remember...