Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Thanksgiving Cards*

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?"
–William A. Ward

One of my cherished rituals in November is sitting down to write some family and some close friends is putting together a Thank You/Thanksgiving gratitude card. I feel blessed to know so many amazing people, and I think writing the cards fills my heart more than it fills theirs.

This year some of the people I’m thankful for include: SR & KR for having us to their house for our annual boating trip, MB for setting the bar higher for me by constantly setting the bar higher for herself, KG for encouraging me on good and bad days, LB for holding my hand through some dark days (and for being their for me to talk to on my morning drive to work; she’s way better than a new cup of coffee at Starbucks), DW for teaching me how to always do the next right thing, MV for being an amazing friend and for reminding me to enjoy life’s little moments (like the day we celebrated her birthday for hours with the windows open at a city bistro), TI for still making me feel young like we did when we both celebrated each other’s weddings, CH for teaching me how to save myself and giving me the tools to do it, SK for teaching me that there are limits for what I can do for other people and that my best is more than good enough, co-workers MP, DM and JS for being there when I need to be uplifted and for being some of the best friends a girl could have, and to my mom who worked hard to repair some old wounds in our mother/daughter relationship. Just typing this list has left me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude.

Want to write your own, but don’t know what to say? Some links that might help get you started include:

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The Wheel of Gratitude

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wikiHow – Letter of Appreciation

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New York Times - Gratitude Visits

*This is my first Works for Me Wednesday post after being a long time lurker.
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Amy said...

Welcome to the WFMW family! Thanks for the great links.

tickledpink.nicole said...

Thanks Amy. Love, love, love your Blog!

Sarah said...

Great idea. I need to do this with my children. Welcome to WFMW!

Crafty P said...

This is great reminder. I did this many years ago, but this would be a great year to do it. So many people helped us out this year when we had our twins! Welcome to WFMW!!!

Kathy in WA said...

What a great idea! I love it. How many do you write? Do you also send out Christmas cards? I think writing people is wonderful and I wish I did it more often. I spend a lot of time blogging and emailing but hardly any writing REAL letters.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!
Duckabush Blog

tickledpink.nicole said...

Kathy - Yes, I do send out Christmas cards too, but they're much more generic with a photo of the family or the kids. I can't even get my act together enough at theis time of year to write one of those Christmas newsletters (you know, the ones we love to read yet dread to read). For the Thanksgiving cards I keep my message short, but specific. Let me know if you decide to send some too. The power of gratitude you feel, and get back from your friends, feels wonderful.

Blessings, Nicole