Friday, November 16, 2007

This Week

· Will's team (pictured left; he's in the center) winning their District in soccer today! He's the team goalie, and they beat their opponents 5-1.
· A tie soccer game with Reeses' the two third grades faceing off for an end of season match.
· A crab cakes and a bubbles flight (a trio of sparking wines) with Meg to celebrate her birthday
· A holiday gift/decorations auction with friends
· A kick off party for a friend whose running for an open house of representatives seat in our District
· Hubby saving the day by coming home from work to fix a flat tire
· Slipper drama
· My first Works for Me Wednesday, Thursday 13, and Friday Fiver postings
· A super successful Boy Scouts Scouting For Food collection
· Chicken crepes with cranberries
· Chai Lattes with Resse
· Admitting that I needed to drop one of my work committees and not feeling bad about it
· Taking holiday cards to the Veterans
· New gray cashmere sweater and gray wool slacks from Ann Taylor
· Saying goodbye to a favorite CSI cast member
· Rereading Susan Branch’s Autumn
· Purging a stack of magazines and passing them on to J.S.
· Cuddling with the cats on the screened in porch
· Autumns beauty with the color still hanging on.
· Acorns crunching beneath my feet on a fall photo walk
· Bri’s heart tree
· Pulling out the homemade quilts from Grandma H.
· A bright crescent moon
· Watching a snippet of Blazing Saddles with Will. It’s just as funny as I remembered.
· Baking a confetti cake with Reese. It didn’t make it a day.
· Reading inspiring blogs
· Hubby “bagging” a buck. Not my thing, but it makes him happy. Will makes his first hunting trip out with Dad tonight.

And last, but NOT least....

· Dan, the best man from our wedding, receiving a call for a kidney transplant!! He’s doing exceptionally well. Our prayers are with Dan, Susy, their four kids and extended family, and the family of the young donator who died in a car crash. Please, please sign the back of your driver’s license.


Awareness said...

what a busy wonderful week of happenings. I think we should all end the week with a reflection like this one.......

And to your good friend Dan....I wish him quick healing.

thank you for leaving a comment on my happiness post on my blog.

enjoy your weekend.

Amy Palko said...

Thank you so much for considering Lives Less Ordinary as one of those blogs that inspired you last week! I'm glad you started Thursday 13, and I hope that you continue to do so. Wishing your friend, Dan, a swift recovery.