Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Pilgrims Came

Mama Deux and Papa with Will and Reese
and my brother's adorable, yummy, precious kids.
My neice did all the decorations for dinner including
personalized placemats.
Mine said, "Ant Nicole" - I'm saving it forever.
I forgot to charge the battery on my camera
and have only a couple of photos from
our two holiday celebrations. Gah.
The Pilgrims Came
The Pilgrims came across the sea,
And never thought of you and me;
And yet it's very strange the way
We think of them Thanksgiving day.
We tell their story, old and true
Of how they sailed across the blue,
And found a new land to be free
And built their homes quite near the sea.
Every child knows well the tale
Of how they bravely turned the sail
And journeyed many a day and night,
To worship God as they thought right.

- Author Unknown

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