Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WFMW - 10 Ways to Reuse Wrapping Paper

I remember it taking my mom forever to unwrap gifts so she, in her words, “ruin the pretty paper.” I don’t want to hurt the environment, but I can’t store the stuff either. Here are ten projects that can help us reduce our eco footprint.

:: Use pieces of old wrapping paper as cummerbunds around the gifts
:: Use pieces of old wrapping paper to make a collage for new wrapping or create works of art. Be sure to check out
:: Cut into squares and make orgami
:: Put it through a paper shredder for stuffing other gift bags and gifts going in the mail
:: Use it to protect your Christmas decorations before storing them for the next holiday season
:: Cut it into snowflakes. Anthropologie’s windows this season were filled with stringed snowflakes cut from what looked to be recycled magazines. You could also add the snowflakes to blank card for thank you notes and more.
:: Decoupage it onto cardboard or wooden shapes to make decorations or ornaments for next year.
:: Use it to make clothes for paper dolls. I have my students make Pilgrim paper dolls every Thanksgiving, and although they’ve rarely even heard of paper dolls, they love them and create amazing stories.
:: Iron it on a low setting and use it for backgrounds in scrapbooking.
:: Use it as a mat for picture frames.


Jeni Allen said...

I like your ideas - especially shredding it and using it as filler for gift bags. That would work better than the tissue paper that tears so easily. But I must say, I'll most likely still stuff it in the garbage.

jennwa said...

Those are all great ideas. Thanks.!!!

Shari said...

I love your ideas. It is always great to find 'other uses' for things. I linked to your page from my post today so that others may read your great ideas. Have a Happy New Year.