Saturday, December 15, 2007

This Week

A plaque from my Secret Santa
Rabbi, hello. Anyone there?
One of our cats looking like she just
devoured Reese's dinosaur.

:: Will and Reese performing in their school’s Christmas celebration.
:: Reese’s solo at the Christmas celebration and him getting roars of applause.
:: Snow turning our own world into a white wonderland.
:: A Secret Santa reveal party with laughter and cocktails.
:: Getting this plaque as one of my Secret Santa gifts, even though my Secret Santa didn’t know I had just read this book written by the plaque’s creator. Quite serendipitous.
:: A fleecy new robe. My old, old, old one was too big, and this one, though it makes me look enormous, is cozy and comfy. We also dressed the beds with new fleece blankets and the boy’s are digging their nightly fireworks of winter static sparks.
:: Our afterschool babysitter making sure all the boys have their homework done, and have studied for their weekly spelling lists, before I got home.
:: A Hanukkah gingerbread house from Luca
:: Our friend’s annual Christmas party. For the past ten years I’ve given her an ornament, and we had fun finding them on their tree.
:: Christmas music by Sarah McLaughlin and Karen Carpenter.
:: Decorating the Christmas tree.
:: Because of staff meetings yesterday I got to GO OUT to lunch with four of my favorite coworkers! I normally don’t get to eat until 12:40, and then I’m cramming down a Lean Cuisine, or something from the school cafeteria served on Styrofoam with a spork, in between making photocopies and phone calls. Going out to lunch feels so glamorous, even at the corner Mexican restaurant.
:: My husband’s skillet breakfast of eggs, hash browns and sausage, served with a warm cup of coffee in a snowman mug, and a morning of reading blogs like this, this and and these photos.

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