Saturday, December 1, 2007

This Week

:: My 13th Wedding anniversary, celebrated with dinner and my parents taking the kids for an overnight

:: Going back to school to get my National Board Teaching Certificate

:: A new camera (the anniversary gift I really, really wanted). I love my Canon Rebel, but it’s cumbersome to lug around sometimes. (I'm still in shock I've become such a Canon devotee. I still have the Nikon F4 I got for my undergrad college graduation, but the Canon Rebel was cheaper than the Nikon SLR's, and I've loved what I can do with it.)

:: J.J. announcing she’s expecting

:: Bodyworlds Thanksgiving Sunday

:: Turkey soup with barley

:: My monthly Bunco girl’s night out

:: Reading The Borrowers to my class. It is an indescrible feeling exposing children to stories you know will open their eyes to life in a new way.

:: Reese’s dance classes and Will’s ice hockey games (winning 10-1 and 5-2)

:: Planning Will's laser tag birthday party for his 11th birthday next week

:: The first Christmas cards and party invites arriving in the mail

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