Tuesday, January 1, 2008

WFMW - Keeping Medicines & Vitamins Organized

Inspired by Target's color-coded medicine bottles, I started adding colored dot stickers, one color for each member of our family, to the lids of our medicine. It's much easier, especially on hectic mornings, to remember to pull each person's color. I initially tried drawing rings around the lids with different colored Sharpies, and writing the first initial of each person on the lid, but the sticker system is simpler. We have the weekly pill containers, which are a great way to remember if you’ve taken you’re daily dose, but we often forget to fill them up for the week.

We also store our Juice Plus vitamins and other daily vitamins in this basket in the kitchen. Juice Plus was something I originally felt obligated to buy from a trainer at our gym, but when we remember to take it we all feel much better and my skin looks better.

Happy New Year to all my new Works for Me Wednesday acquaintances! I have been inspired and have learned so many great ideas in the two months I've been participating. WFMW has motivated to regularly ask myself, "Does this work for me?" Not surprisingly, a few times the answer has been a clear no and I've been able to change. Thanks for all the blessings Shannon and YOU members of this blogging community have brought to my life!

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