Saturday, January 19, 2008

This Week

:: When I saw my friend Elizabeth on Monday my jaw dropped. She got a sassy new haircut and looks amazingly similar to Princess Di. After squeals she bragged that losing 30 pounds didn't hurt. Her secret? Weight Watchers. Motivated by her success, I went with her Tuesday night and signed up. I chose the Flex Plan and can only eat 21 points a day. That night I went out and ate a giant chicken taco salad with the works. Wednesday I failed because I haven't set up any food/meals. This is going to be HARD, but I want to lose the 10+ pounds I've put on this school year.
:: Dinner out with another couple at a Spanish tapas restaurant dining on lamb chops, calamari, peppered tuna, and more. The sangria tasted amazing with bits of passion fruit. For dessert? Bread pudding and some other thing I was too stuffed to try. I was fortunate enough to go to college in Spain, and I miss it. Going out for Spanish food brings back a rush of good memories.
:: A party at a friends. With a mime, face painter and a reptile guy I felt like a kid again. I posted a couple of pictures on my Flickr account. A few months ago I got a Canon Powershot and I neglected to read the manual. I inadverently pushed one of the modes and couldn't figure out how to get it back. I missed some great shots that night, but now I've read the manual cover to cover.
:: Taking a photo each morning for my Flickr Project 365
:: I finished report cards!
: Building electric circuits with my class
:: Reese had his first real heartbreak when he didn't get into a play he auditioned for. While he was home with the babysitter after school he opened the letter expecting good news. I was proud that he dealt with his sadness by tearing up the letter and burying it in the backyard.
:: I found a beautiful topaz bracelet at an antique mall. My friend Lynne eyes the same color, and I'm going to save it for her birthday next August.
: The boys had their Scouting Pinewood Derby last night. My husband spent many a sleepless night this week.
:: My monthly Bunco game. I always feel too exhausted to go, but once I'm there I am always uplifted by the most amazing group of women anyone could be blessed to know.
:: Listening to Fleetwood Mac's Tusk blasting from the car stereo
:: Finally, I had a conversation with a parent who was upset because I assigned her daughter Freaky Friday for a book report. I hadn't read the book in years, and apparently she was offended by some of the dated language. I've pulled the book from my classroom bookshelf because I didn't feel comfortable keeping it, but I also don't feel comfortable banning a book either. I wasn't surprised that when I "Googled" this topic that this issue has come up about the same book in other schools.
:: Posting an interview with blogger and writer Ann Kroeker!


Rick said...

I love the family portrait. A budding artist in the family? I started drawing at a young age. Keep encouraging him.

forgetfulone said...

It sounds like overall, a good week, if not a great one!

Playful Professional said...

Isn't it hard to lose weight when all of the food is so tempting. Food's such a social thing, I'm trying hard to refuse desserts and french fries when they're right in front of me. You can do it!

Lulu said...

Oh, I started Weight Watchers on Sunday (of all days!), and I only get 20 points! Like you I have 10 pounds to lose, which at a going rate of >1 pound a week, it's going to take a while. I'm doing Flex as well, and I'm also using the online tools, which really helps me keep up with my points.

You probably know about this site, but if not, go to (Dottie's Weight Loss Zone) and you can find menu and points for any restaurant you can think of! Definitely helps me to plan ahead.